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My Drumming Heroes and Influences

Here is a list of drummers and musicians whose music has inspired me throughout my musical career. I have provided links for each artist (where possible) and have arranged them alphabetically as organising them by preference would be a very difficult task.

I believe that a good musician takes inspiration from all instruments and not just the particular instrument they might play. While I personally also play other instruments, it's surprising where drumming inspiration can come from sometimes.

I have a fairly broad taste in music and, despite having my preferences, I am inclined to agree with Duke Ellington's famous statement - "There are two kinds of music. Good music, and the other kind".

I love Gospel Music but anything with a Jazz, Soul and Funk vibe really. Quite like Drum n Bass / Breakbeat stuff recently too. More often than not, if it is played well, I like it.

Thank you to God, Mum, Dad, Jolene, Freddie Wells, The Wellington Bootles (and family), Steve Merriman, John Blackwell, Andy Aiken, James Morrison and you for all your kind support and inspiration.

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