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507 Hybrid Rudiments

This page features an ever growing glossary of Hybrid Rudiments. In order to help you in learning and perfecting these rudiments, I have included easy to read examples, performance tips, free PDF sheet music and video tutorials.

Here are the Hybrid Snare Drum Rudiments:

More About Hybrid Rudiments

Hybrid Rudiments are the result of combining two or more rudiments to create a new rudimental pattern, though this is not always the case. For example, the Flam Paradiddle is technically a Hybrid Rudiment (even though it is included in standardized lists such as the 40 PAS Rudiments etc) as it combines a Flam with a Paradiddle. They are especially common in drumlines and drum corps. As there are an infinite number of ways to produce new patterns and add variations to those patterns, there is no end to the number of possible hybrid combinations.

These are very advanced combinations so you will need to have a good understanding of technique and basic rudiments first (see 40 PAS Rudiments) with lots of practice for best results. Also, rudiments often have strange names but expect some very strange ones for Hybrid Rudiments! (Rudiments are usually named after their sound.)

While many Drum Kit players recognize the importance of developing a good rudimental vocabulary, very few kit drummers seem to be aware of the huge amount of Hybrid Rudiment possibilities. Snare drummers have been developing rudimental patterns for hundreds of years and much of our musical vocabulary on the kit is comprised of rudiments. I've always felt that it is a shame for kit drummers to be aware of only half of this vocabulary. I know many drummers who have never heard of Hybrid Rudiments and I feel it's time we changed that. Just think of the crazy beats and fills we could create with such complicated sticking patterns!

I hope this section will inspire other kit drummers to check out Hybrid Rudiments and develop their drumming vocabulary further. It's time we took full advantage of the centuries of development snare drummers have given to providing us with such a wealth of rudiments, patterns and techniques.

I have attempted to use the most common names for these hybrid combinations but there are many variations on the names and playing styles for each hybrid.

Official Hybrid Rudiments

Here are the rudiments, featured in standardized lists such as the 40 PAS Rudiments etc, that are technically considered to be Hybrid Rudiments:

Calling all Drummers, Teachers and Educators!

If you know of any Hybrid Rudiments that are not listed in this glossary or notice any errors or duplicates in my pages, please contact me and help me to keep this educational resource complete and up to date.


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